Lab visit

In connection with the conference, a visit to Chalmers’ four chemical-looping combustor pilots will be possible on Monday, May 21, in the afternoon, and Friday, May 25, in the morning.
Address: Maskingränd 3. Click
here for map.

Participation in the visits is subject to booking a time in advance via the doodle link below. The number of participants is limited, and four times are available, Monday at 2 and 3 pm, and Friday at 9 and 10.

The pilots involve two combustors for gaseous and liquid fuels of 0.3 and 10 kW, and two combustors for solid fuels of 10 and 100 kW. The four chemical-looping combustors have been in operation for 4000 h with gaseous, liquid and solid fuels, using close to 70 different oxygen carrier materials.

Chemical-looping combustion is a novel principle for indirect combustion where the fuel is burnt without any contact between fuel and combustion air. The oxygen is transferred from air to fuel via the oxygen carrier, i.e. metal oxide particles. Because fuel and air is not mixed the combustion products, i.e. carbon dioxide and water leaves the process in a separate stream. Water is separated from the carbon dioxide by condensation, thus giving ideally pure CO2 without any active gas separation. Thus, the high costs and energy penalties of gas separation necessary in other CO2 capture technologies can be avoided. The reactors needed are very similar to normal circulating fluidized beds (CFB) commonly used for combustion of solid fuels, including biomass. Thus, the added investment cost for the boiler system is expected to be small.

For more information about chemical-looping combustion, see this page.